Pain At The Pump: Dealership Gas Discounts

It seems now everyone is feeling the pain at the pump, even the folks who make and sell those cars - cars which need gasoline.

Tonight, KLTV 7's Layron Livingston shows us what dealers are doing to keep you on the showroom floor.

The ads promise guaranteed savings, the banners promise more MPGs.

The car business as we know it is going through some serious changes.

"As the gas prices increase, people are more fuel efficient. Fuel cautious."

David Bates with Peltier Chevrolet wants his buyers to know he's got the models to meet their fuel needs.

But, he isn't the only one making changes.

"Call it Dodge's stimulus plan if you want to."

For weeks, Chrysler's been guaranteeing 2.99 gasoline. But is the offer too good to be true?

Jason Shank, with Allen Samuels Dodge, doesn't think so.

"We think that this is a good program. We think it's good for our economy. It's good for our clients and we think it's good for sales."

About 6 weeks after buying a car under the Let's Refuel America program, buyers get a credit card in the mail.

The card locks in the $2.99 price for regular octane fuel at a number of gas stations for three years, and an average of 12,000 miles, with Chrysler picking up the difference.

"The bottom lines are the same and they're going to remain the same. We don't give extra incentives and increase the bottom line."

David Irwin with Tyler Ford says the market is definitely changing.

A promotion promising employee pricing on F-Series models is not about gas, even though F-150 sales are down.

"Any good company is going to build a product that the consumer wants to buy," said Irwin. He says it's still a consumer driven market, and here in east Texas, trucks are still king.

"People here - they tow alot, they haul alot, they use them on the job site."

And as gas prices continue to rise, it's still nice to know you have options.

If gas prices ever drop lower than $2.99 a gallon, you're guaranteed the lower price.

The $2.99 is only for regular grade and diesel. You'll be billed extra for mid-grade and premium.

Layron Livingston, reporting.