A Better East Texas:Proper Flag Display

A new wave of patriotism swept the country following 9/11 that was symbolically seen by an increase in the number of United States flags put on display. Since then the enthusiasm for flag flying has waned a little bit but I don't think the patriotism has, particularly in east Texas.

Next Friday is Independence Day, a traditional celebration to display our flag. I know the majority of you want to do right by our flag, and how we display it. As we recognize our country's independence let's regain our enthusiasm for the Stars and Stripes.

Let's show the whole world that while we may differ on some issues there is one thing in which we stand united...and that's our flag...our respect for it and what it represents. And remember to display it properly, replace it when it becomes worn and dispose of it properly too.

If you're not sure about the proper standards for flag presentation click the link we've provided under the community section on kltv.com.(usflag.org) Lots and lots of flags, displayed properly, will make this a better east Texas.

Viewer Comments:

I saw your piece about displaying the american flag for the fourth of July.Please require those flags to be made in AMERICA, nothing makes me cringe more than to see MADE IN CHINA on an AMERICAN flag.


I believe that any responsible advice concerning the display of the American flag should include "where the flag was made". Waving an American Flag that was made in China, seems to diminish act to me. There ARE american owned and operated flag companies. Surely, a proudly displayed American Flag should be Made in America, by Americans. Proud Texans...Please buy American made flags...it feels important to this American.