A Better East Texas: Consumer Attitude

We have seen reports of economic doom and gloom across all the information sources we trust.  Our news team at KLTV is no exception to this.  You can't escape it.  But let's also be clear, I totally support our news department's delivery of this type of news.  Much of it is relevant to every American.

But since I am generally an optimistic person, news of rising gas and food prices and a sluggish economy take their toll on my bright outlook.  I can't control the news that's out there but I can control how I consume it and ultimately the impact it has on me.

I can choose to focus on 4-percent unemployment or I can focus on the 96-percent of the market that has jobs.  I can focus on the mortgage crisis in Florida and California or I can turn my attention to the fact that in Texas and especially East Texas, the real estate market is very healthy.

Just look around, sure there are challenges across the nation and a few systems are broken, and we need to know about them, but I choose to focus on those things that are delivering great results.  The list is much longer.

And for me, that makes for a Better East Texas.