Robbery Suspect Commits Suicide When Cornered By Police

Cornered by Longview Police at what appeared to be his next target, an armed robbery suspect ends his own life before he can be arrested.

Late Saturday night, a red pick-up pulls into the parking lot of the Ramada Inn on Spur 63 ... one that has appeared in recent armed robberies.

"It looks like he was in the process of preparing to rob this hotel" said Longview Police Sergeant Shawn Pendleton.

Around 10:30 Saturday night, Longview patrolman Luke Altman was refueling his unit at a nearby gas station when the pick-up truck. The suspect, identified as 28 year old David Cody Stewart of Nacogdoches, was suspected of robbing almost a dozen motels and businesses, all at gun point, over a three week period.

"The officer thought he recognized it thought it looked like the suspect vehicle we've been looking for in connection with all the hotel robberies," Pendleton said.

Officer Altman confronted Stewart, now wearing the familiar baseball cap.

"Stewart had just gotten out of the truck had put on his baseball cap and had turned and started to walk toward the office and he turned and saw the officer.  At that point the suspect drew a handgun from his waistband and ran between his pick-up and another vehicle. The officer started to chase him, and he heard a gunshot.  After a few minutes they found him lying on the ground where he had apparently shot himself and taken his own life," said Pendleton.

Stewart's lifeless body was found wearing identical clothing to that worn in previous robberies at Best Western, Comfort Inn and other locations.

"We're pretty confident at this stage that this is the individual we've been looking for in connection with all the motel robberies we've had in Longview in the last few days," said Pendleton.

Stewart's body is being sent to Tyler for autopsy.

Bob Hallmark reporting.