Bone Marrow Drive Held For Longview Woman

East Texans band together to help one of their own, facing a life-threatening illness. Miranda Mayes' family thought she was out of the woods, until a heart-breaking announcement that her leukemia had returned.and now complete strangers are in a race against time to help.

In relative short notice, workers with the "Because I Care" organization pulled together a bone marrow drive to benefit 27 year old Miranda.

"It would be a lot easier to handle if it was me but its not and you put it in gods hands and know that he's going to take care of your children" says Miranda's mother, Michelle Gregg.

With Miranda's family on hand, the drive to find a bone marrow donor brought people out wanting to help.

"I have a daughter that's not much younger than Miranda and if it was her I'd want someone to do the same thing" says potential donor Becky Thomas.

Miranda, a 1999 Longview High School graduate was in remission earlier this year, but 6 weeks ago it returned.

"It was a real shock it was last summer and of course all the news at the beginning seemed to be real bad it was real scary, there's no way to get ready for it, it just hits you in the face" says Miranda's father in law Richard Mayes.

"She's very very strong, strong in her faith that what's gotten her this far" Michelle says.

The drive is spurred by Miranda's spirit, a spirit her family says is unstoppable.

"She's a fighter, she's definitely a fighter, she believes she can beat this" says Michelle.

"To know that someone my age could be going through this or I could be going through this is just a scary thing if it happened that I matched and could help her that would be a wonderful thing" says potential donor 19 year old Amanda Thomas.

They hope their effort will do justice to a young woman with so much to live for. If you missed today's drive, but would like to help, you can call the local chapter of the National Bone Marrow Program at 903-759-3349.

You can also find a link to the program on the "Know More On 7" page of this site.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting