E-mail Scam Threatens Your Safety In Your Inbox

An e-mail scam threatens to kill recipients unless they pay the sender thousands of dollars.

Federal officials say the scam first appeared in December, and keeps popping up in inboxes across the country - including here in east Texas, according to local police.

"They look, by the way it's written that it's generated from somewhere in Nigeria or overseas somewhere," said Don Martin with Tyler Police Department today. "The national news has run stories about these hot box computer places that basically are guys on computers all day long, scamming people all over the world. We believe that this is another way for someone in another con to scam people here in the United States to giving them money and making them feel like their life has been threatened."

If you get this e-mail threat, authorities say delete it.

Federal officials warn if you reply, the senders will know they've reached a live account and could possibly steal your identity.

Courtney Lane, reporting. clane@kltv.com