Thousands Of Dollars On The Highway: What Would You Do?

For some, it could be a tough ethical situation. Thousands of dollars on the side of the road - would you take it or turn it in?

We're asking you this today after a door on a Brinks armored truck flew open and spilled out $40,000 onto a Louisiana highway.

In response to this poll question on our website, nearly 60% of you said you would call 9-1-1.

But, more than 30% say they'd take the money and run.

And, we wanted to hear from more of you.

So today, KLTV 7's Courtney Lane set out to ask the tough question: What would you do?

Imagine if you saw a little extra green laying on the side of the road.

Some Louisiana drivers literally saw cash falling out of the sky Thursday, when the back door of a Brinks armored truck flew open, spilling $40,000 dollars.

Some drivers took off with thousands of dollars, but would you?

For some, it's too much of a temptation.

"I'd like to say I'd do the honest thing and return it by I think I'd probably keep it," said Brittany Robles. "Diapers and clothes for myself and for my daughter."

For some, it's familiar ground.

"I've found money before and I turned the money in at the police station," said Vanessa King, "...and people didn't come get it and they notified me and then I got it."

But for others, it's hard to imagine.

"I'd probably be thinking 'well I really need some cash right now' and there's everybody scrambling around, so I wouldn't get in trouble - but in the end I'd probably freak out and call the cops," Paige O'Leary told us.

But many say their conscience would get the best of them.

"I would pick it up and call authorities....I'm a Christian and it would just not be the right thing to do," said Sherrie Lewis.

"I would probably think about how I would feel if that was my money and I'd definitely want it returned to me," Julian Broaddus told us.

So as tempting as the sight could be, we found that most of you turned out to be some pretty 'honest Abes'.

Some $7,000 is still missing from the $40,000 that flew out Thursday. The manager of the Brinks office in Baton Rouge did not return our phone calls today.

Courtney Lane, reporting.