East Texan Want To Help With Water Woes

An update to a story. Some generous East Texans want to help the residents of Raintree with their water woes...by helping out with paying some of the residents water fees. Channel 7 news has received several phone calls of folks looking to help out.

Nearly 80 residents will have their water turned off if they don't pay to upgrade a new system. After a company take-over, Pritchett Water Supply wants these folks to pay to install meters, lines and membership fee's.

The $425 dollar fee is due July 15th...or it jumps to $1-thousand dollars. If no payment is received by August, the water will be discontinued. No payment plan has been available.

After interviewing with Channel 7 News, Pritchett agreed to have a special board meeting with Raintree residents to discuss payment options. That meeting will be Monday July 15th, 7-mV at The Pritchett Water company located at 3670 Highway 155 South.

The company encourages all residents to attend.