Toxic Cosmetics? Are Yours Poisoned?

An environmental action group tested 72 cosmetic products this year and discovered an ingredient called phalates.

They claim these phalates can be toxic to women, especially pregnant women.

Their research shows that in animals, the phalates may cause many birth defects, particularly in baby boys.

In the 72 products they tested, 52 had the ingredient.

Dr. Hope Short at ETMC says this study should not cause women to worry too much .

"I think that it indicates there needs to be further research done but I don't think it will change the way I practice medicine or live my own life or treat my own children," she says.

Dr. Short also supports further testing of the products just to make sure that they are not unhealthy for women to use.

For a complete list of products that have phalates and that do not have them, click here .