$7,000 Missing After Armored Truck Door Flies Open

An estimated $7,000 is missing after the back door of an armored truck flew open just north of Baton Rouge Thursday, spilling an estimated $40,000 worth of cash and coins onto a rural highway, investigators said.

Several motorists stopped and "helped themselves to the money and fled," said Casey Rayburn Hicks, spokeswoman for the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office. She says workers with Brinks, the owner of the armored truck, "advised that the side door to the vehicle was not secured properly." "When the driver hit the brakes, the door flew open and money fell out," Hicks said.

Sandra Bergeron was in her living room, watching television, when she heard noise outside.  She walked out to see people picked up cash along the roadway. "I saw money all over the road and in the ditch," Bergeron said. Bergeron said she and about five other people helped Brinks workers pick up the remaining money that was not taken by others.

After Brinks workers left the scene, some area residents were seen along the roadway, picking up coins that were left behind. Tom Babin, manager of the Brinks office in Baton Rouge said he had "no comment" about the incident.