Search Continues For Shirley Hunt One Year Later

She's been missing for a year, as of Thursday. Still, an east Texas family holds on to the possibility that their loved one will return home.

You may remember, 73 year old Shirley Hunt went missing from her home a year ago today. Hunt suffered from Alzheimer's Disease, and was never found.

She was last seen walking on County Road 454 near her home in Good Springs, south of Henderson.

Now, KLTV 7 News' Lakecia Shockley talks to Shirley's daughter about the year-long search for her mother.

"I go home a different route, and I come a different route, and when I come I think she's just going to be standing there one day waiting, saying, 'Where have y'all been, I've been looking for y'all."

For Kim Vaughn, looking down the street where her mother disappeared seems unreal.

"She didn't have a purse. She was just an elderly person walking and I just think that somebody picked her up and was trying help her and take her wherever she said she wanted to go, and there's no telling."

But, Kim and her family still hold on to the possibility of finding her.

"It's been a year but you know that day is no different from any other day for us. We continue to search, and follow leads and try to find somebody out there."

Over the past year Lieutenant Kenneth Logan and search volunteers have desperately tried to find Shirley.

Despite no real leads, Logan says he'll never give up the search.

"I've know Mrs. Hunt for a long time," he says. "A lot of folks have know Mrs. Hunt, and they love her...You never know when that lead is going to come up and is going to be the right one that you need...and is going to bust it wide open and we're going to find her."

Kim Vaughn still believes Shirley will be found. "My gut feeling is that she's out there. We just have not made the right contact with the right person that knows where she is."

For the Hunt family, it's one thought that keeps them going.

"That she's out there and if we give up, there's nobody to keep going."

Vaughn has written a letter to Congress. Her goal is to get a national program formed for elderly Alzheimer's patients who go missing.

If you have any information about Mrs. Hunt's whereabouts, you are asked to call the Rusk County Sheriff's Department.

Lakecia Shockley, reporting.