Repeat DWI Offender Sentenced Today

A repeat DWI offender who seemed to slip through the legal system has found justice.

Kathleen Sexton, 43, of Tyler pled guilty today to her third DWI conviction, a 3rd degree felony.

Smith County Judge Jack Skeen sentenced her to 10 years probation, with some strict guidelines.

You may remember back in February, Sexton caused a five car pile up at Fifth Street and Golden in Tyler.

Smith County prosecutors said with Sexton's previous two DWI convictions, this sentence is about the maximum Sexton could get.

"Each case is different, each defendant is different," said Assistant District Attorney Joe Murphy. "Based on the facts of the case, based on what she has done since the offense. She voluntarily went to treatment and has continued to do so. Yes, we feel it is just resolution to the case."

Melissa Granberry, a victim services specialist with Mothers Against Drunk Driving, said, "We would hope that she has made a positive choice in her life to make the decision to not drink and get behind the wheel, because we know that any time you do that it leads to tragedy and we would just hope that she makes better choices for her life."

Starting today, Sexton will serve ten days in the Smith County Jail, which is standard for probation. Under the conditions of her probation, an ignition interlock device will be installed in her car. She must enroll in a DWI repeat offender program, serve 300 hours of community service, and pay restitution for the damaged cars.

She will also wear a SCRAM device, which is able to tell if there is any alcohol in her system.

Sexton's attorneys say she has not consumed any alcohol since the incident in February.

Danielle Capper, reporting.