7 On Your Side: Cell Phone Text Scam

A new type of spam maybe filling up your inbox, and trying to steal your identity. The message claims to be from a local bank , but authorities say it's a trick to steal your identity.

KLTV 7 News' Courtney Lane shows you the potential threat that's being sent by e-mail and text message in a 7 On Your Side investigation.

Identity thieves target your e-mail, and now, they're also calling.

According to the FBI, cell phone spam is on the rise, and more identity thieves are finding your number.

Ann Harris, of the Better Business Bureau of East Texas, said,"I have an idea that the numbers are just being dialed in sequence by a computer and then when it makes a hit, gets a live number, then it sends that message."

This latest text message scam claims to be from Franklin Bank. It says your bank account has closed due to unusual activity and to re-activate it, you must go to a website.

"The pity is the people that do do business with Franklin Bank may not know the difference," says Harris. "It's scary, you don't want people into your business, especially your bank business."

The phony website on the text is BankFranklinSecure.com.

"Don't go to the website, don't give anybody any private information, especially your passwords, your logins, your social security, your drivers license number," says Harris. "I can see where it'd be kind of devastating if they got that kind of information and emptied out your bank account."

On the bank's real website, http://www.bankfranklin.com, customers are encouraged to report scams on their fraud hotline immediately.

To further protect yourself, you should check with your cell phone provider.

They can allow you to block text messages from internet-based accounts or place additional security codes to protect your information.

Courtney Lane, reporting. clane@kltv.com