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What Will Stop The Back Door Burglar?

   The so-called "back-door burglar" has invaded the private lives of many Tyler families stealing their I.D's, cash and credit cards for more than a year.

   But, still little is known about the burglar who is kicking in doors and leaving homeowners with a sense of insecurity.

   Police added another case to their growing case file Tuesday when a Tyler couple awoke to the sound of their front door being kicked in. It was the first time the burglar was brazen enough to enter through the front of the residence, but still no one got a glimpse of the suspect.

   Tyler homeowners are crossing their fingers hoping the next news release will be word of a suspect caught.

   "I would have thought by now they could identify the perpetrator," said Stan Watson, who lives two blocks away from the latest smash and grab burglary on New Copeland Road.

   He's not the only one concerned about how long the case is taking to solve.

   "It's very scary" said South Tyler resident Lee Burch. "I know it has made my wife change where she leaves the purse."

   Tyler police created a task force last year to investigate the cases. Although they've collected several shoe and finger prints, none of the prints match those of suspects entered in a statewide database.

   At this point, police think it's possible more than one person is involved. "There's really no distinct pattern on where the person may hit next," said Chief Gary Swindle with Tyler Police Dept. "And if it's multiple persons, it's hard to be everywhere at the same time."

   Officers have more patrol cars on the streets during the early morning hours. Most of the crimes take place when residents are still asleep.

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