Respects Paid To Frank Creath Wednesday

East Texas law enforcement gathered today to pay respects and say goodbye to one of their own.

Long time Smith County Constable Frank Creath was laid to rest today.

Creath passed away Sunday from leukemia.

At his service today, KLTV 7 News' Courtney Lane shows us how his family and closest colleagues are remembering him.

Leaning on one another today, family, friends, and numerous members of Smith County aw enforcement honored and remembered the life and service of Constable Frank Creath.

A man, loved ones say, with a great sense of humor and who lived to help others.

"He'll be missed. I genuinely love Frank and he'll always have a spot in my heart," says Sgt. Gary Middleton, of the Smith County Sheriff's Department.

Always giving to his community, Creath served as a reserve for the Tyler Police, then as constable for twelve years.

But he was also a loving husband, father, and grandfather.

"Above law enforcement above all else was his love of his family," shared Brother Ron Moore.

Loved ones say Creath battled lukemia for 15 months, with courage and strength in the Lord.

"He believed that he was going to win the battle and that he would have many years to live but one of the reasons he was able to fight that battle and live with expectation was because he had an assurance in his life that he knew what was awaiting him whether he won or whether lukemia won."

They are thankful for the 66 years he was here, and believing that one day, they'll see him again.

Creath was laid to rest this afternoon in Tyler's Cathedral In The Pines.

Courtney Lane, reporting.