You've Been Left Sparking Local Controversy

A website called' is sparking some debate.

Is it a handy tool for Christians who believe in the rapture - or is it a way to exploit those fears?

KLTV 7 News' Lakecia Shockley take a closer look at this website and what east Texas religious leaders have to say about it.

Christians disappear...and unbelievers are left behind.

The rapture has sparked a series of bestselling books, a 1995 movie, and now a new website.

At', you can write and save e-mails which will be sent to your loved ones who are 'left behind'.

The website claims e-mails will automatically be sent when at least three of five staff members fail to log in to their computers for six consecutive days - presumably after the rapture.

The website's creators say it's a last ditch effort to save souls - all for a $40.00 annual subscription fee.

"It's just amazing to me that people think that you can sell the gospel in a sense." Renata Hood, a Biblical scholar from Letourneau University, doesn't buy it. "First of all, not every Christian believes in a rapture. One thing we're all united in is that Christ returns one day, but I don't think that we need to have something around like this."

12:21"but i would not have ye to be ignorant brethren

Everette Wright with East Cotton Street Church of Christ agrees, and he says the proof is in the Bible.

"'But I would not have ye to be ignorant, brethren,'" he reads from the Bible. "I would say if we haven't studied the Scriptures thoroughly that we are ignorant to God's word, and these people are playing on that and collecting money of people that are gullible enough to send them money."

So, what do east Texans think about it - and would they subscribe to the website?

"I think they're after money and trying to take advantage of people's fears," says James Parrish.

Mandie Kerr says she doesn't think she would use it. "I don't think I would subscribe to it."

Whether you believe or not, these Christians say to take this website with a grain of salt.

"Those that I would speak to personally, I would say go check and have a good laugh," says Pastor Phil Fenton, of the Lutheran Church of Longview.

Lakecia Shockley, reporting.