Gang Arrests Make Tyler's Streets Safer

A woman is attacked and robbed in broad daylight in south Tyler - but that was only the beginning.

Tyler Police say then now have six men in custody, responsible for that crime, and a laundry list more.

KLTV 7 News' Layron livingston retraced the steps today of a gang investigators say they're glad are now off the streets.

Jerrell and Jerry Amie.

Jasman Mitchell.

Demichael Jackson.

LaDarius Scott.

Jamiya Lacey.

All now behind bars.

"We're very please to get them off our streets."

Officer Don Martin with the Tyler Police Department says gangs aren't a big problem in Tyler, but this group met the criteria.

Police say it started in a parking lot, where a woman was actually knocked to the ground by one of the suspects. Her wallet was stolen, and the suspect took off running to a nearby apartment complex, where he met up there with two more gang members and the crime spree continued.

Police say within minutes, they showed up at several north Tyler gasoline stations.

"What they did was solicit people at stations, saying hey, if you give me, 30 or 40 bucks, we'll give you 60 dollars worth of gas," says Officer Martin.

All on a stolen credit card. And just days later, police say the group held three people at gunpoint at a home on Buckley Street, taking cash, electronics, and credit cards they used to buy items at a local Wal-Mart.

"They had a backpack that I recognized," says Kaci Thiel. She works at the Game X-change on Broadway in Tyler.

She says the suspects came in trying to hock some merchandise - stuff she later found out belonged to a friend who was held at gunpoint that same morning.

"They shot a whole in the wall, really close to his girlfriend's head," says Kaci, "and I'm just really glad that nobody was hurt."

Police share those same feelings, with hopes the streets of Tyler are safer.

All six suspects are being held in the Smith County Jail, now charged with engaging in organized crime.