Awning Falls, Damaging Cars At Tyler's Commerce Plaza

Today's wind damaged several vehicles when an awning was knocked down at Commerce Plaza on Loop 323, where the Sweet Sue's Restaurant is located.

The crews were able to clean the mess up at around 4:30 pm today. There was a long section of sheet metal that the strong winds ripped off, which fell onto a rental car and truck parked near the awning. The awning did scratch up the vehicles pretty badly.

Employees heard the loud noises from the metal twisting and coming off the building as it was happening, including Deanna Harris, who was at the Plaza when the storm hit, and heard her co-worker's car being hit.

Fortunately, no one was injured when the awning came down. KLTV 7 News talked to the owner of the complex earlier this afternoon, and he's waiting on insurance adjusters for an estimate.

Courtney Lane, reporting.