Severe Weather Hits East Texas Hard Tuesday

Downed Tree, Tipton and Airline (David Gober)
Downed Tree, Tipton and Airline (David Gober)

We've gotten a lot of damage reports from the afternoon storms, and video from our photographers all over East Texas.

There have been reports and video of winds, rain and hail from pea to golfball size.

KLTV 7 was in Smith County in Tyler, in Wood County in Winnsboro, and in Hopkins County. That's where KLTV 7 photojournalist Arthur Clayborn took some amazing video, just outside Sulphur Springs, where drivers were faced with very heavy rains.

And in Winnsboro, in Wood County, the downtown square was nearly flooded. Residents said they had never seen cars going through so much water - around a foot - at Main and Broadway.

In Tyler, at Green Acres Baptist Church, a big plexiglass window in their steeple blew out, hitting the roof, punching a hole in it and letting the rain inside into the choir loft.

Ken Warren, the senior associate pastor at Green Acres, said, "We heard a loud crash and it was literally raining into the worship center. A streak of 16-18 feet long straight down into the choir loft....We have a whole collection of garbage cans catching water, and will be ready to run sunday morning.

Green Acres said they haven't determined if any electronics were damaged yet, but that is one of their primary concerns. They plan on doing an inventory to see what areas besides the roof, window and worship center will need to be repaired and begin immediately.

They also said services this week and Sunday will not be affected.

The weather not only poured down through Tyler but also hit our eastern counties hard.

Heavy rains and lightning rolled into Longview along Highway 80, and several streets had reports of high water, making it difficult for drivers. The heaviest areas of rain there included Highway 80 and west of High Street. The Green Street underpass was one of the most flooded areas in Longview today.

Power outages were reported in Smith, Panola, Titus, Rusk, Gregg and Shelby Counties throughout the day.

Trees also came down in Tyler due to high winds and wet soil at several locations, including at Tipton and Airline (where a tree fell on a house), and along Chilton Street, where traffic was disrupted.

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