GS-27 Complete Scratch Remover Kit: "Does It Work?"

This week in our "Does It Work?" report we're testing something called the "G-S 27 Complete Scratch Repair Kit". It's two products in one. Question is... Does either really work?

The kit offers a solution for minor and major auto scratches. First we'll test what the company calls their surface scratch cream. It's the one in the tube.

Apply G-S 27 on a cloth. Wipe over the scratch. And it's gone, the package says. The instructions classify a surface scratch as one you run your fingernal over without feeling a crevase. If that's the criteria, it's probably not going to be a scratch that's causing you too much grief... basically a light scratch in your car's clear coat. But we singled one out that we thought might show up on tv and decided to give it a go. A small serving on the rag and rub it on in a circular motion. Once it's on. Take it off. And sure enough, we couldn't see the scratch anymore.

The other product that comes with the kit is the "G-S 27 DS". DS stands for "deep scratch". You get 8 paint sticks that are supposed take care of most deep scratches. For this test we selected a scratch that took the paint off down to the primer. A much tougher challenge. We're instructed to draw over the scratch using small circles. We mixed the colors best we could then buffed off the excess. We were not satisfied with our initial results, so we tried it a few more times. We weren't impressed.

So where does the kit rank? The surface scratch remover did a fine job... but it's nothing you can't do with any good paste wax. If you use the company's criteria for "surface scratch" you're really not doing much. And the deep scratch crayons did nothing for us. "Does It Work?"... We give the G-S 27 Scratch Repair Kit... A "no".

The G-S 27 kit costs about 15 dollars.