Purse Burglar Strikes Again

The Tyler "Smash and Grab Purse Burglar" strikes again, but this time, he's brazen enough to gain entry through the front door, instead of the back.

This latest case happened on the 2800 block of New Copeland Road, early Monday morning. The case will be added to dozens of other back-door burglary cases that started occurring back in May 2001.

The latest case hits just four days after another South Tyler home was burglarized.

A couple was in bed around 5 a.m. when the burglar targeted a purse sitting on a living room chair. Investigators believe the suspect spotted the purse through a front window. He then kicked in the door, ran some 12 feet and grabbed the bag.

Within ten seconds, the homeowner jumped out of bed and ran to the foyer, but when he got there the bandit was gone.

Police were able to recover a shoe print from the door and noticed footprints on the front lawn. The suspect made off with credit cards, personal identification, cash and car keys.

Police say they have not ruled out the possibility that more than one person is involved in these smash and grab cases.