Outside Workers Try To Cope With The Heat

The temperatures here in East Texas are now in the mid 90's but with the heat index it feels so much hotter.

And for those who's job it is to work in the heat there seems to be no relief.

"We just try to drink a lot of liquids, stay cool, take breaks, just do what we can to keep our body temperature down but sometimes it's quite impossible especially on days like today", says construction worker Sean Plocich.

Not only do home construction workers and auto mechanics have to deal with the outside temperatures but they usually work inside a building with no air conditioning and no breeze.

Construction worker Dustin Freeman, says, "Really there's not much you can do besides use a fan or open up a window in the house most the time the houses are more hot than it really is outside so  we just try to keep from being dehydrated."

But these guys have worked in their chosen professions for years, so by now they should be used to the Texas heat, right?

Auto mechanic Keith Blanton says no way, "I don't think you can [get used to it] in Texas it's just too hot. The shade's about the only thing that helps us out and if you've got a breeze that goes through the building that helps."

So while you sit at your desk in your air conditioned office remember these guys sweating and working in the summer heat each day.