East Texan Returns George Jones' Guitar

46 years after it was stolen, country music legend George Jones got his long-lost guitar back.

It was in the hands of an East Texas man, Larry Berry of Chandler, who bought it for his father years ago for ten dollars when some neighbors wanted beer money.

Even though Larry didn't know who George Jones was, his father did, and he told him to make sure it was returned to its rightful owner. Saturday night, in Bossier City, it was.

On stage, Larry handed George his first Martin guitar back, and Larry got his ten dollars back.

"He said he never expected to see the guitar again. He said it's just a stunning thing. A big thrill for him to get it back. He was very sincere about it. People called me crazy, they called me stupid but a lot of them come up and hugged me for doing it, said it was the right thing to do," says Berry.

"It's a big relief, bigger than I thought it would be - it really is. It makes me feel good, not because of what I've done. It must have been more of a burden than I thought it was. I've had that thing in storage in jewelry stores everywhere I lived. I always knew I had to pay that storage payment every month. So that reminded me I had that obligation I had to fulfill every month."

George Jones and Larry Berry were put in contact by local DJ Tom Perryman. The Jones' and Berry's plan to keep in touch, saying, "We're not through with the story yet."

Danielle Capper / dcapper@kltv.com