Constable Frank Creath, Remembered

A longtime law enforcement officer was remembered today after passing away at a local hospital. Smith County Constable for Precinct 2 Frank Creath served Smith County as Constable for 12 years and before that was a reservist with the Tyler Police Department.

Today, KLTV 7 News' Danielle Capper met with those who served alongside Creath about this unforgettable man.

At the Constable's Office of Precinct 2, they remember their leader, friend, and part of the family today.

"He was a big hearted guy, he was all about the people," says Glenn Potter, a deputy constable. "He had been in law enforcement for a long time. A good boss, a good friend...he was going to serve the community. He was going to do what it took, no matter what, to make it better."

A former Tyler Police officer, Creath spent two decades keeping East Texans safe.

"Frank was a by-the-book law man," remembers Commissioner JoAnn Fleming. "He believed that the citizens needed to be protected from those who preyed on children, to fight drug problems out in the county."

Commissioner Bobby Van Ness, who knew Frank Creath for over thirty years, said, "I knew his family. I watched his kids grow up, and then he ran for constable. He's done a great job for those citizens down there. He's got to be doing a good job for them to re-elect him time after time."

And, as part of that job, Creath spearheaded a mission spanning ten years to clean up drug-ridden areas in his precint, beginning in 1997.

Judge Bill Lemmert says that it made a difference. "Here in the last few years, there doesn't seem to be as much [of a problem] because everybody knew if you came into this area, we'd find out about it and he'd do something."

Creath had been battling leukemia for the past year, and was in and out of treatment.

"Frank was always brave, was always positive," says Judge Lemmert. "He'd say, I'm going to fight this thing, I'm going to beat this thing. In my heart, I always felt that he would."

"Frank was proud to do what he did for the citizens of Smith County," Commissioner Fleming shared. "He will be missed. He was a fighter to the very end."

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