Van Zandt County Warns About Bank Account Scam Attempts

The Van Zandt County Sheriff's Office is warning that many of its citizens have been receiving strange telephone calls and emails from people who are identifying themselves as representatives of local banks.

These calls are not legitimate, and are part of a scam to get your personal information and banking information.

The scam usually starts with a call reporting that the phony 'bank' has detected illegal attempts to use your bank account or access your ATM account.  The caller then wants you to give them your bank account number and/or your confidential PIN number.

They are obviously not a legal bank representative and are trying to get you to give your account information.

If you give out the information, they will more than likely immediately take as much money from your account as possible.  Don't respond to these calls or emails.

If you need confirmation that your accounts are intact, please contact your bank during regular business hours.

Cathryn Khalil /