A Better East Texas: Price Arredondo

In an effort to have a more broad range of opinions we will from time to time invite guest commentators on A Better East Texas. Today I introduce Price Arredondo with the Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce.

It's no secret that the race and language landscape of the united states is changing daily. Almost everything we read and see around us is sprinkled with diversity. Certainly the most prominent diversity issue today is the debate of the increasing numbers of people of different races. We see and experience multiple interactions daily in different settings of people with light, medium and dark skins... And there lies the rub with a lot of people. We tend to look at skin color only and dare not venture into the inner soul of the individual. Unfortunately this type of snapshot sets the tone for our judgmental character. Wouldn't it be great if we took the time to acknowledge something good about someone-whether at work, at the grocery store, at the post office or over the phone with a different accent or with a skin color lighter or darker than ours.

Yes, diversity is being different in many ways, but it can also be an opportunity to demonstrate that that difference can be a positive experience for you and the community we live in. Take the time to experience diversity that will build A Better East Texas.