Senior Volleyball And A Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest

Summer is a time for kids - even kids in their 80s and 90s.

KLTV 7 News' Bob Hallmark has more on a summer outing for some elderly Longview residents and an annual, hotly contested volleyball game.

The faces of the competitors are intense. For the past three years, Haven Care and Heritage Rest Homes have met in friendly competition, but some compete a little more than others.

lisa halbrook/heritage activity director

"They're very competitive," says Lisa Halbrook, the Heritage Activity Director. "It keeps them feeling like they're a part of this community - that they can do things still."

And when the kids were done, they capped the day with a watermelon spitting contest.

"Eat the watermelon, but save the seeds," cautions Opal Blair, an 85 year old competitor.

"Just because you're 85 is no reason you can't enjoy it."

"It's watching them light up and really enjoy it that makes it worth all the work," says Halbrook.

Haven Care defeated Heritage in the volleyball challenge, two games to one.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.