Pump Jacks Make Inaugural Season Home Debut

East Texas' newest team made their home debut Thursday night.

Hundreds of fans came out to Kilgore's Driller Park to welcome the East Texas Pump Jacks to town.

The team plays in the Texas Collegiate League, with a roster full of players from East Texas. The fans were glad to have a team back in the area.

"It gives us something to do, a little family outing," Kelly Williams said. "I'm trying to get (my son) interested in sports and activities and being outside."

"It's good to have an actual semi-pro tea," Ginger Hale said. "It's a good thing for the family to come out and it's something for Kilgore, bringing other revenue in. People from all over are coming. It's awesome.

The Pump Jacks faced the McKinney Marshalls in the home opener. With Bullard's Chad Sherman on the mound, McKinney got a grand slam in the second inning to take the lead.

But the Pump Jacks were back in the game late. The matchup went into extra innings. Pump Jacks won in 11 innings, 6-5 for their first victory in the franchise's history.