East Texans Help Out With The San Antonio Floods

For six years, Norma Smith has been a volunteer with the Salvation Army. She offers friendship through a home cooked meal, "Our sandwiches are never just a slab of meet and cheese," she tells. "We try to make it as special as we can cause many of the people will come for 3 meals a day."

She works alongside several other volunteers from sun-up to sun-down, "They know we really do care, they see us sweating behind the window."

Norma admits to always having a smile and a good word, "The men always have a shoulder to cry on and an arm to put around them." Norma's husband, Paul, fills that role. He makes the last minutes checks on the emergency canteen before hitting the road. He knows the worst is yet to come for the folks who are flooded from their homes, "Just to see all your life's work and favorite pictures, wedding pictures, children's pictures--just absolutely destroyed!"

But where the water has washed away dreams, Paul's ministry is ready to quench thirsty spirits. "We give them a hug and let them know with their faith, everything will be fine."

Thankful for the help, hopeful for the future. So far, The Salvation Army offices in Longview and Tyler have sent a total of eight people to San Antonio in the last week. The Red Cross has another two, with several more headed down tomorrow.

Don't forget--folks at home can do their part by donating supplies. Hand sanitizer, perishable food and cleaning supplies are always needed and can be donated at local Salvation Army offices.