Soldier's Angels Show Support To Our Troops - And They Need Your Help

May no soldier go unloved - that's their motto.

More and more East Texans are joining hundreds of thousands nationwide to help our troops overseas.

They're called 'Soldier's Angels'.

KLTV 7 News' Courtney Lane met with one of them who's hoping more East Texans will help support our heroes.

Wendy Emprimo is packing up a little taste of home. "I always try to send fruit." It may not seem like much to us, but to them, it means the world.

"They absolutely love getting the packages. It's like Christmas every time they get one," says Wendy. "A lot of soldiers ask for stuff that they can give the children there."

About eight months ago, Wendy, who's from Jacksonville, adopted a soldier. She says every day, there are hundreds more in need of an angel.

"It doesn't matter whether you believe we should be over there or not, it's supporting the soldiers."

By signing up, you commit to send a letter a week or at least one package month.

"All they really want is to know we haven't forgotten them. They want to hear their name at mail-call. They just want to know that we support them."

Emprimo says it's very rewarding to hear back from your soldier.

Hers emailed last Christmas to say thanks and also send some uplifting news.

"He knew they were making a difference when he was out on patrol he saw Christmas lights on some of the homes in Iraq and the fact that they felt safe enough to put Christmas lights on their house."

Family or friends of a service member can also sign them up to be adopted, and receive more support from home.

"You pray for them, and you tell them how much you appreciate them and how much you appreciate the sacrifices and dedication that they're making."

Boosting their morale, and giving them a little more hope to make it back.

Courtney Lane, Reporting