Wynne Community Roads Too Dangerous For Emergency Vehicles

Residents of Canton's Wynne Community are having road problems so severe, it threatens their safety. Their sewer systems were redone months ago, but the damage to their roads was never repaired, and now the road is dangerous.

Charles Mitchell has lived in the Wynne Community for 32 years. "We don't got potholes no more," he explains, "They've gotten to be ditches in the middle of the road."

Since the damage, people in the community have been told by their Postal Carrier that their roads aren't safe. An emergency call to 911 sent a ambulance speeding to the community, only to have to slow to a crawl inside the subdivision.

The community came out today to the County Commissioners Court meeting to try and make their feelings known. However, an emergency medical situation forced the situation to be postponed.

Even with the matter on hold, the Court has become aware of the problem. County Judge Jeff Fisher said "Today was the first I'd heard that there was some concern about it. I will be meeting with community leaders and contractors to figure out exactly what happened and what needs to be done."

"If we don't," Mitchell says, "we're going to have to park outside our community to keep from tearing our cars up."