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6/11/08 - Tyler

Alaina Johnson Qualifies For US National Gymnastics Team

Tyler gymnast Alaina Johnson has had a big week.

"Last week, I was in Boston," she explains. "Competing for the US National Team, I finished up twelfth, and the top twelve make the team."

Alaina is now a part of the that National team, and has the tryouts for the Olympic team coming up the weekend of the 21st. It's been a long road for the seventeen year-old Lee student, she's been working at this since she was five."

"I decided that I was going to be an elite gymnast, and so I made it to the championships as a junior, and that was my first goal, to be on the national team and compete for my country."

It's a full-time job for Johnson, with her studies and her workouts.

"I do thirty-two hours a week, Monday through Saturday," she said. "For the school year, I go from seven-thirty to ten, then to school from ten until two-fifteen, then I come back here from two-thirty to six or six-fifteen."

"Whenever you turn sixteen, you get a car and you get a job, but I didn't have time for that."

Johnson said she really began preparing four years ago, and is proud of her results.

"I've been working hard for four years now, I feel like my work has finally paid off."

There will be other tryouts and competitions, but for now Alaina has reached her latest goal.

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