Back-Door Bandit Strikes Again

A burglar who breaks through back-doors when most people are asleep, frightened another Tyler family Friday morning. The latest burglary happened on the 2600 block of Sunnybrook. It's the 33rd backdoor burglary since May of last year.

Tyler Police say the bandit smashed a side-door window and reached in to rummage through two purses sitting on a baker's rack. He took one bag, and left the other.

The purses belonged to Linda Perryman who lives there with her husband Curtis. The suspect was gone by the time Curtis reached the door.

The burglar used a shovel to smash through the window, and then reached through to grab his prize. A large sum of cash, prescription drugs, two debit cards, personal identification, gift cards, and a check book were taken from the purses.

Curtis Perryman believes the burglar took his time before hitting his target.

"We feel like he probably cased the back of the house and saw the items he wanted through a window across the room," Curtis said. "He then went around to another part of the house and broke in through a window."

The Perrymans, like many before them, say they've lost more than money.

"Mostly, we've lost our security," adds Curtis. "We don't feel as safe in this house as we did before."

Authorities did recover a shoe impression from the backyard. Perryman says the print does not match the shoes of anyone living inside his home.