Game Wardens Preparing for Traffic Jam on East Texas Lakes

You might be surprised to find out that the biggest problem on East Texas lakes this holiday weekend hasn't been alcohol or even boating accidents. Instead Game Wardens say their number one concern is personal watercraft.

That's because every year manufacturers are making personal watercraft bigger and faster.

"It's the funnest because you can go faster," says Lauren, a personal water craft operator. "It's kind of boring being on a boat."

The danger comes when inexperienced drivers hop on putting themselves and other boaters at risk.

"Last week we had the pretty severe accident involving a jet ski an individual was cutting up on it," says Chris Green, Game Warden. "And violated the 50 foot law and had an accident, a pretty severe accident. Even though we tried to educate the public with programs at school."

Kids under 13 not wearing their life jackets while the boat is underway continues to cause Game Wardens a problem. If they see you they will ticket you, they just want to keep the boaters out on Lake Tyler safe.

Don't forget the BWI laws. Game Wardens will be watching for anyone drinking and operating a boat. New this year, if you refuse a breathalyzer test, they can take your license.