Sun-Related Fun Brings Heat-Related Danger

Like many others, Karen Connell and her family are enjoying the holiday weekend on the lake. But with the hottest part of the summer ahead, precautions must be taken.

Connell, a mother of three, brought lifejackets, sunscreen, and lots of bottled water. "My son was complaining about having to put sunscreen on, but we just do it anyway."

Trinity Mother Frances Dr. Earnest Stroupe says "You can potentially see a lot of heat related illnesses in Texas. Fortunately, heatstroke itself is a very rare occurrence. Heat related illnesses are very common, though."

Experts say planning ahead is necessary, because the increased temperatures can cause problems if you're not careful. The most important thing is to simply keep drinking fluids. Dr. Stroupe says "Water is always a first choice. Gatorade is another good substitute. Tea is okay, but you don't want to drink things that have a lot of carbonation. Alcohol is really the big thing that should be avoided during the hot time of the year."

Of course, sunscreen is another major factor in preventing heat-related injuries. Sunscreen should be applied and reapplied all day.

As for the increased instances of heat-related injury, Doctor Stroupe says it starts with this generation of children. "They watch TV, they play Nintendo," he said. "They're in the house too much. They need to be ouside playing. And as you're outside playing, your tolerance increases, you're able to tolerate the heat better."