Toxic Mold And Water Damage Is Preventable With A Few Simple Tips

Toxic black mold has been the culprit of many East Texas homeowners having to abandon their dream homes...often times ending with the arm of a bulldozer. In many cases, it's an unnoticed water leak that brings the mold inside. But Plumber Darrin Gamble says water leaks are preventable, "The first thing you want to do if you have rubber hoses is inspect them once a month."

When was the last time you thought about the hose on your washing machine? It costs only a few bucks to replace, but could save thousands of dollars in damages. If the hoses break, they can flood your house. Another problems are in the shower, water can seep up through the tiny cracks. The key is to catch the cracks early by resealing the tile with fresh grout. And it's important to drain your hot water heater twice a year, to prevent rotting and erosion. It's as simple as turning off the power, attaching a hose and partially draining the tank.

Keeping your home water tight means inspecting every appliance and water connection. By eliminating water leaks, you can reduce the chance of black mold affecting your home and health.