Young Girl Injured By Stolen ATV Fights For Life In Dallas Hospital

Last Wednesday, a teenage boy on a stolen ATV ran into 9 year old Madison Squires while she was riding her dirtbike. The accident happened just outside Lindale, on County Road 4104.

KLTV 7's Danielle Capper has the story of what happened and how Madison's family needs your help.

Teresa Torbert and her daughter Kelsey are best friends with Madison Squires and her mom, Suzanne.

"One minute she's here and one minute she's not here," says Theresa. "It's someone you see on a daily basis and to have to drive to Dallas seeing her in hospital laying there lifeless - it's very sad around here."

It's been not quite a week after Madison's accident last Wednesday.

"We don't know what the outcome is going to be. We have to just live it in the Lord's hands and maybe that miracle will come."

Madison turned nine yesterday, celebrating her birthday in a coma fighting for her life, but that's not how she's known. She's known as a girl who could just make you smile.

"When she is in the room she is full of laughter and fun," describes Theresa. "On days when I think I am just on my wits end she walks in the door and is playful and loving."

Madison is in the critical intensive care unit after severe head trauma forced doctors to put her into an induced coma to reduce the swelling in her brain. Theresa explains that Madison isn't doing as well as they'd anticipated. "She was actually scheduled for a surgery this morning at nine am, but they didn't get to have that surgery."

The surgery was supposed to be to reconstruct her left leg, where 7 centimeters of bone was knocked out.

Authorities say it all started last Wednesday, when Madison, on her dirt bike, was hit by a fifteen year old driving a stolen ATV.

Constable Dennis Taylor described the accident to us. "She was going southbound, and slowed down to turn into a driveway."

"He [the driver of the ATV] didn't slow down, he was going full-speed."

The investigation is split between two agencies. DPS is looking into the accident, while the Constable's office investigates the ATV theft.

"Fo Shi's wrecker service was called out to pick up the 4 wheeler. Once he got there, he said, 'Oh, this is my 4 wheeler'. We were contacted. We arrested 2 juveniles."

While the boys are facing charges in the theft, both the ATV and Madison's dirtbike were on the road illegally, and DPS says because of that, no charges will be filed in the accident.

While the investigation continues, right now the people who care about Madison the most are asking for prayers that she will be able to come home.

Madison and Madison's family doesn't have health insurance. Funds have been set up at both Southside Bank and the American National Bank. Just tell them you're donating the the Madison Squires fund.

Danielle Capper reporting /