Fireworks Light Up Lindsey Park

Watching fireworks is a Fourth of July tradition that never loses it's appeal.

Perhaps, that's because there's always a new batch of young kids looking up at the sky as all the colors intermingle with the stars. And despite notice of a possible terrorist attack this Independence Day, Americans headed out for their fireworks fix as usual.

A few East Texas patriots arrived at the Tyler Jaycee's Fireworks Show Thursday afternoon. A dunking booth, souvenir tables and games were already set up to keep crowds busy before the show.

The Jaycees felt a different feeling would be in the air this year.

"We did prepare to have more souvenirs because we feel like there will be people wanting to be more patriotic this year," said Katie Abbott with Tyler Jaycees.

Mark Varga, a military officer stationed overseas during the September 11th tragedy, found the event cathartic.

"Fourth of July is important to me because of how the United States has come together," said Varga. "It means a lot to us soldiers overseas because we can actually see patriotism now.

Thousands of people attend the Jaycees's show each year. Zambelli International designed this year's fireworks.