Thirteen Year-Old Archery Champ Aiming For Junior Olympics

Since picking up a bow for the first time three years ago, MacKenzie Brown has turned into a thirteen-year-old state champion. For this Robin Hood in flip-flops, the future is on target.

"I went to Las Vegas," Brown said, "and I got first in my division at the world tournament."

MacKenzie will be in action this Saturday at the Rose City 900, with some of the best archers from all over Texas coming to Tyler.

"Competeing against different people pushes me harder," Brown said. "It motivates me more."

Already a multiple champion who competes regulary all over the state and in nationals, MacKenzie's next goal is the Junior Olympics.

"I work out in the gym every morning, and I practice regularly at my house. It's a lot of fun but it is hard work, it's fun because I get to meet new people and make friends and stuff."

MacKenzie will try out next summer for the Junior Olympics. Until then, she'll just keep hittting the target.

She'll be competing at Saturday's first annual Rose City 900, held at Lindsey Park. The competition begins at ten a.m. and is free for the public. It is East Texas's first ever National Archery Association sanctioned tournament.

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