Overcrowding at Gregg County Jail

More and more beds at the Gregg County jail are being occupied because of an aggressive campaign by law enforcement... But that creates a little bit of a problem because the state says that only so many inmates can be housed with so many jailers. The two jail facilities in Longview have around 800 beds, but the state jail commission says there must be one guard for every 48 inmates... Which only allows for 450 county inmates. Several times over the past months, the jail has come within one or two inmates from being officially over the limit. The terrific success of the county organized drug enforcement unit, which contributes a large portion of inmates to the jail, now has to take the jail population into consideration before making arrests. Oddly enough, as hard as police work to put bad guys in jail, they now have to work with the district attorneys office to get inmates out on time served just to put new ones in. Sheriff Maxey Cerliano says he is not going to make any announcements to his officers telling them not to be as aggressive. So for now, he has to deal with the problem as it comes.