Lower Gas Prices Greet Holiday Travelers

A study by Triple-A Texas says this year's gas prices are slightly lower than last year. The study focused on regular grade gas prices throughout Texas.

Drivers paid 14 cents more per gallon last Independence Day. The average price then was $1.46, compared to $1.32 this year.

Drivers were already filling up their gas tanks Wednesday afternoon and leaving for their holiday destinations. It's estimated 32 million people across the country will be on the road.

"It's pretty nice seeing I can get home relatively cheaper than I could last year or the year before that," said Shawn Stone an East Texan with holiday plans in San Angelo.

"I enjoy the prices of gas being lower and it does encourage me to travel more," said Tina Beverly who was heading for Shreveport.

The same study says more people plan to drive this year, and fewer people are flying.