Pain At The Pump: East Texans Skipping Meds To Pay For Gas

61 year-old Marion Owens" has had to make some drastic changes, just to fill up her tank with gas.

She tells KLTV 7 "I buy food and gas. I can't buy medicine too."

Marion is supposed to take several perscription drugs daily, but with prices as high as they are, her pain at the pump is digging deeper in her pockets.

"It's pain both ways physically, emotionally, and at the pump, out of the pocket, financially wise." says Marion

Marion adds "It stresses me out so great that i don't even realize i'm under stress because i'm having to cope with this."

Doctor Srini Rangu says Marion isn't alone when it comes to patients choosing gas over their medicine.

He told us "with prices going up, the gas prices going up so much a lot of my patients have to pick and choose between buying gas, food, versus medicines and that's caused a lot of problems. Once they stop medicines, especially heart medicines or hypertension medicines, then some of them have come in with strokes and heart attacks."

As for Marion,  she takes one pill and skips two two days before she takes the next. She's also hoping for relief at the pump and the medicine cabinet.

Lakecia Shockley, Reporting