Mother Frances, the Flag, and Apple Pie

You can't get much more patriotic than mom and apple pie. Which is why Mother Frances Hospital served apple pie to its employees Wednesday. The Independence Day Picnic featured two hot dogs, potato chips, a canned soda, and an apple pie for just fifty cents.

Afterwards, doctors and nurses then toured the works of another American icon. Eleven Norman Rockwell lithographs were on display as an after lunch feast for the eyes. The Norman Rockwell lithographs will be opened up to the public for the Fourth of July. Thursday and Friday, you can see them at the Wisenbaker Conference Center at Mother Frances Hospital. It's open from 8 AM until 8 PM and it's free.

Of course you can see the entire Rockwell exhibit at the Tyler Museum of Art on the Tyler Junior College Campus. The exhibit will be open through the first of September.