Women Get A Football League Of Their Own In Marshall

When Cassie Newell found out a women's football team was coming to East Texas, she not only wanted to play. She wanted the ball.

"Once I found out about it a month or so ago," Newell said, "I went out and bought a ball and was like, 'I'm trying out for quarterback.'" I've been practicing three or four times a week, just working on my form."

Cassie is now officially one of the East Texas Saberkats. This weekend, the new franchise in the National Women's Football Association held its first tryout and practice. It was a little nerve-wracking at first for some.

"It was great, once I got here," Jacksonville's Kristy Little said. "I'm small, and I was nervous about that, but I try and make up for it with effort."

"You never know how many girls are going to show up," Newell said, "or how seriously they're going to take it. I'm A little relieved now that I know what to expect, and that I can handle it."

They might not be as familiar with the game, but just because these women have never played organized football before, doesn't mean they weren't ready to throw deep and have some fun.

"I actually have four friends that I played rugby with at Mississippi State," Newell said, "and they play on the women's team in Chatanooga and they talk about it all the time, and how they love it. I knew I had to give it a shot."

They admit they've got a lot to learn, at least now, they've taken their first steps onto the field.

Reid Kerr can be reached at rkerr@kltv.com.