Mail Stolen From East Texas Neighborhood Found Opened Along Highway

Some residents of a Gregg County rural road are worried that they may be the victims of identity theft after numerous thefts of mail from their mailboxes.

It's been happening over the last two weeks on a stretch of road north of Longview on Hamby Road.

While residents are hoping it's just a prank, KLTV 7 News went to investigate.

Residents along Hamby Road feel lucky if they get any mail at all. Some believe the culprits are after their government stimulus checks, bank statements, and pre-approved credit cards. Some residents haven't seen any mail in up to ten days, making them feel that whoever is responsible is coming back every day.

A DPS trooper told residents that he found piles of their open mail strewn out on Highway 259, only 2 miles away.

According to the US Postal Inspector's office, theft of mail is a federal crime, punishable by up to as much as 5 years in prison for each piece of mail that is stolen.

If you think someone is stealing your mail, you can file reports with both the police and the post office.

Bob Hallmark /