The Auto Hammer: "Does It Work?"

Have your ever had the need for a one-handed hammer? There's one out there. And this week we ask the question... "Does It Work?"

The box says "no more smashing more fumbling with nails." We'll see, with the help of our friend Patrick. The Auto Hammer comes with 100 all purpose nails. But when they're gone, you'll need more just like them. Nails this size are easy enough to find at any store. Just don't think you can use load it up with any nail you want.

Here's the trick. Tilt the auto hammer to 45 degrees. Push the button. And the nail drops out. Sometimes. After you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy. But there is a slight learning curve. We gave Patrick a few minutes to get used to it. Then we ripped a few boards off his fence for a little head to head, friendly competition. Chalk one up for the Auto Hammer. Patrick used the Auto Hammer and beat out the regular hammer by one nail.

But, does Patrick think it works? "I don't know. I don't know if it's any faster. Holding it would keep you from smashing your finger. But I think it's about the same." so you would he spend any extra money to get the Auto Hammer over a regular hammer? "No, not if I already had a hammer." Patrick gives its makers credit for ingenuity. But is it a serious product, with a serious use? Kinda gimmicky really.

The nails go in, the nails come out...sometimes. It was a little faster in head to head competition, but ultimately Patrick says he wouldn't spend his money on it. Does It Work? If you don't have a hammer...go for it. But the best we can give the Auto Hammer is a "maybe."

The Auto Hammer will cost you about twenty bucks.