Pittsburg Students Make Their Own Stripes For July Fourth

It was literally a hands on experiment for some East Texas students creating their own version of the U.S. Flag Tuesday. The Pittsburg students are part of Communities in Schools--a program which educates at-risk youths during the summer.

The kids constructed the American flag using paper cut-outs of their own hands. Congressman Max Sandlin joined them in their flag making. Three students, Shawn Black, Matthew Weems and Ayleen Frage presented the Congressman with two award winning essays that students wrote on the topic, "What's Great About America."

The kids learned about our nation's Independence Day and flag etiquette before the day's festivities began.

"I learned about the flag, and you're supposed to always be responsible about it, and if you drop it on the ground you have to burn it or throw it away," said 7-year old Kendra Landing.

Representative Sandlin joked about having hands too big for the kids too cut out.

"I had a good time meeting with them, and was impressed that they knew a lot about citizenship and the flag," he added.

Congressman Sandlin has been an active supporter of Communities in Schools. The organization works with more than $12,000 at-risk students each year. He raised $240,000 for the Northeast Texas division of CIS in December.