Salvation Army Welcomes New Majors

There were people to meet and hands to shake Tuesday for the new Majors of the Tyler Salvation Army. Tom and Leslie Rainwater have come to Tyler, and both are glad to be in East Texas.

Major Tom Rainwater, who was originally from East Texas, said "We love being part of the Bible belt. We're very evangelistic. Our primary calling in life is evangelism."

His wife, Major Leslie Rainwater, said the first thing she did upon returning to Tyler was "look for a home-grown tomato."

They've been part of the Salvation Army for eighteen years, and are glad to come to a city with projects like the new Ornelas Center of Hope. Major Tom Rainwater said "It's really a rare thing to see a city this size that can have a ten million dollar building project, that's just something extremely exceptional."

The couple comes to Tyler after eleven years in Amarillo, and they feel this is where they were meant to be. "This is our calling," Major Leslie Rainwater said. "The Lord wants us in Tyler and mighty things are going to happen in this town."