Van Drug Bust Shuts Down Entire Bootlegging Operation

Off the streets of Van tonight: 6 pounds of marijuana, over 230 bottles of liquor, more than 20 cases of beer, more than 20 guns and prescription drugs.

Police say the Robinsons were selling the drugs and alcohol and possibly targeting teens.

The Van Police Department Cheif, Kelly Smith explained, "He's just letting anybody come in the front door, sell it for a nominal amount and then they're walking out and getting right back out on the roads."

Police say Franklin and Deborah Robinson set up their bootlegging business next to their home.

The shop is located on FM 1805, just around the corner from Van High School. Van resident Freeman Gross was upset when he found out just how close the Robinsons were to the school.

"Being that close, that would make me very, very mad and nervous if I had known."

And it was a booming business, according to police, making more than 60 sales a week. "We're looking at about 400-500 transactions of marijuana that have gone through," says Chief Smith.

Plus, police say Mrs. Robinson got prescription drugs from her work at the Clairmont Tyler Nursing Home.

The Clairmont responed today, saying that no medications were taken from current residents, and that the drugs were either discontinued or from discharged residents.

Either way it was making the Robinsons a pretty profitable business, until now.

"In Van, a community this size, when we find out a family is profiting from the sale of marijuana and it's harming our community, be it our kids or adults or whatever, we take it real seriously," explains Chief Smith.

Police say they're now trying to find all the customers from this bootlegging business.

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