Miller Tells His Side In Toddler Death

KLTV 7 has now learned how 2 year old Kelynn Pinson died. 21 year old Demontrell Miller of Tyler was cuffed and arrested yesterday afternoon, charged with capital murder in this case.

Kelynn was found unconscious Sunday at the Hidden Springs apartment complex on Shiloh Road in Tyler, and later died.

Yesterday, before he was arrested, Demontrell Miller spent a great deal of time with police, telling him his side of the story - that Kelynn died after almost drowning the apartment complex pool.

He said he took both boys (his five month old, and Kelynn) to the pool and briefly left Kelynn there while he ran upstairs to put the baby in the apartment.

Miller then told police he saw Kelynn floating in the pool, and he pulled him out of the water and hit the boy's chest with the palm of his hand, causing the boy to regain consciousness.

He went on to tell police that he brought Kelynn upstairs and that not thirty seconds later, Kelynn because unconscious again, and that's when he called the boy's mother.

The autopsy showed that Kelynn died specifically from blunt force trauma to the stomach. The doctor who conducted the autopsy says that Kelynn Pinson's injuries were from hitting or some type of blow to Kelynn's body, going on to say Kelynn would have been in severe pain from the trauma.

The doctor also told police Kelynn suffered internal bleeding, and that it took around three hours for the little boy to die. The autopsy also describes other signs of physical abuse, including numerous bruises on his body, his foream, back, right eye, and stomach.

An important note - Miller told police the incident all happened in a matter of minutes, not three hours - between the near drowning, Kelynn becoming unconscious and police arriving on the scene. According to the arrest affadavit, Kelynn's mother had to call police after she got to the apartment, even though she told Miller to call 911 before she left work to head home.

Tracy Watler /